Motel Drive came to life in 2008 and in its infancy tore off screaming like a crazed Chevy Bel Air on a hot July night in California's Central Valley. Yet, the ever persevering search by long-standing valley rocker JD Goodwin (Cacti Widders) for the right musicians to take his songs to the level where they could lift your soul or break your heart finally paid off in 2009 as he turned his search back toward home, toward longtime friends and fellow musicians. The four-piece lineup that is now Motel Drive is comprised of exactly that, longtime friends and former band mates, and has solidified into a diligently focused powerhouse. Jake Finney (MoFo Party Band) steadily slaps his upright bass and Christopher "Rhinestone" Estep kept a solid time on the drums until May of 2013. Isaac "The Mexecutioner" Carrillo stepped in and he has been winning over audiences ever since. Vince Ellis jammed with us with his guitar and lap steel for quite sometime and his skills make a great addition to the band. Together you have the foundation upon which Motel Drive has risen to the top of the Central Valley scene.

In early 2009, the band recorded a six-song EP, $5 Tricks.  In 2010, the band completed a self-titled full-length album, receiving critical praise from bloggers and podcasters across the country and even making several "Best of 2010" lists! Tracks from both albums have many times been featured on podcasts and radio shows. Motel Drive has also been featured on several album compilations including Straight Razor Records' Rebels of Rock 'N Roll Volume II and Sound N Vision Foundation's Hope Vol. 3—supporting suicide prevention, playing alongside The Devil Makes Three, Alabama Shakes, and other great bands. In October 2012, the feature film Lost on Purpose premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival with two Motel Drive tracks.

Proving themselves as a sight to see time and time again, including winning the 2012 Fan's Choice Award at Chuckchansi Gold Casino's Rock at the Top battle and the 2010 Fresno State Battle of the Bands, the local media has caught wind of the growing zephyr. Fresno Bee writer Mike Osegueda featured the band twice as "Artists You Should Know" in 7, the weekly entertainment magazine; raved over their performance at Fresno's re:FUSE Festival; and named Motel Drive as a local band deserving greater attention. College radio station KFSR (CSU Fresno) and Monterey Bay Area radio station KPIG have  hosted the band for live in-studio sets streamed across the globe through the Web and have added $5 Tricks and Motel Drive to their playlists. The band also made two live appearances on the KMPH-Fox local news show, Great Day. Other accomplishments include winning an opening slot for HANSON's Shout It Out! tour in San Francisco and winning the Southern Rock category and the Pro Performance Video category at In 2011, the boys toured their way to Austin and back for the SXSW music festival.

Make no mistake about Motel Drive. They have caught the attention of promoters statewide and beyond and will continue to do so as word spreads and the band shows what they can do on stage. Motel Drive is truly your new favorite band!