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About Motel Drive

Motel Drive is a band out of Fresno, CA under the influence of punk and country roots with a shot of rock ‘n’ roll thrown in for a sweet and potent distillation of 200-proof American music.

Picture This

A ’64 Bel Air barrels down old Highway 99. In the darkness to the west lie row after row of cotton, to the east grapevines and other cash crops of California’s central valley. A break in the fog up ahead allows the warmth and buzz of neon lights to break the wet silence of that long dark drive.


But before any head hits that motel pillow, the brain begins to shake, the bones begin to rattle, and the heart begins to roll as the seasoned blend of veteran musicianship which is Motel Drive, the slinky, rootsy, and greasy country, rock and roll, and rockabilly music carries you to that lone bar on the edge of town, that bar mama told you to stay away from, where Gretsch guitars wail, an upright bass slaps you around, and voodoo drums pound the night away.


It’s Motel Drive, baby, where Cash and Stray Cats pound ’em down with Gram, Buck, and Dwight. It’s blood, love, and beer, the smell and taste of the Motel Drive stew. One hell of a night and your new favorite band. Motel Drive.

The Band

Motel Drive started in 2008 with the three guys you see below, along with Michael Monteiro on guitar (can be heard on both $5 Tricks and Motel Drive). Over the years, others have graced the stage with JD, such as Isaac Carrillo on drums (can be heard on Forever and a Day), Tommy Stoeckel on drums, Vince Ellis on guitar, and Jon Crossen on bass.


The threesome of JD, Jake, and Rhinestone are back together again now; back to rocking your socks off; back to making Motel Drive your new favorite band.

Singer / Songwriter / Guitars

JD Goodwin

Firefighter by day, rock and roller by night

Upright Bass

Jake Finney

Hair stylist by day, rock and roller by night


Chris ``Rhinestone`` Estep

Designer by day, rock and roller by night

Take a Listen

$5 Tricks
Motel Drive $5 TricksMotel Drive $5 Tricks
Motel Drive
Motel DriveMotel Drive
Forever and a Day
Motel Drive: Forever and a DayMotel Drive: Forever and a Day

Upcoming Shows


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Noise and News from the Back Seat of the Motel Drive Van

Latest entries in the world of Motel Drive. Happenings, thoughts, photos and the like. You get the idea.

    Contact Motel Drive


      P.O. BOX 26523
      Fresno, California


      (559) 802-0497